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In 2021, there are so many types of marketing and it can be frustrating and confusing - and many business owners spend hours every week just trying to keep up to date with the best practices for attracting new clients and growing their business.

Mastering even the basics such as how to get results out of Facebook and how to re-size images for the best results on a website or for social media posts can be daunting and frankly time-consuming.

Get it wrong and it's not just hours of your time wasted but potentially a loss of business as potential customers don't see your brand or aren't convinced that they should buy from you.

However, with the right support and tools, you can attract more customers and grow your business without the aches and pains of creating ineffective marketing campaigns.

Business owners who get coaching support achieve 30% more success!

We are offering 3 months of FREE access to proven coaching support for your business so that you can get the guidance and direction you need when you buy a bundle of 3 animated videos that you can use on your website and in your digital marketing.

Each month, you will receive coaching and support with Darren Hignett, as well as proven templates to help you develop a business and marketing plan to grow your business. Darren has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing and is the author of international books and audiobooks such as 'How to create a perfect landing page' and 'Psychology in Marketing and Sales: understand how customers think when buying'.

64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Check out our video - explaining how to create an animated video! 👇

From landing pages and websites to social media, businesses that succeed aren't just creating highly visual marketing campaigns - they are using video.

Video has many huge benefits for a business from increasing the chances of appearing higher in Google search to retaining the attention of potential customers and generating more sales.

Unfortunately, creating videos can be complicated, even for the tech-savvy business entrepreneur. They can be time-consuming and potentially expensive - but there is a solution!

Ben Bowles, a professional content creator, is offering to design and create three short and highly effective animated videos to help your business stand out and convert prospects into paying customers.

These videos can then be used on your website to generate leads as well as in social media, email and even Ads campaigns to grab the attention of your customers and build trust with them.

Having videos is great, using them effectively is EVEN BETTER!

So you have 3 brilliantly designed videos. Great. Now what?

With this special offer, we will work with you over a 3-month period to ensure you use the videos effectively for your business. It might be that 'a poor workman blames his tools', but with our support, we will make sure you use the videos (the 'tools') in the best way possible for your business.

And to make your marketing even more effective, we are also offering lots of freebies, including pre-populated wording and the most effective hashtags to promote your videos on social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook.

Limited time offer. Act now!

If you are serious about growing your business then don't delay in taking us up on this incredible offer. Creating videos and providing strategic marketing support takes up a lot of our time and we can only offer so many places, and for a short period of time.

Here's an example of a video we did for CDS, one of our customers...

Animated videos can be used in various ways, repeatedly

An animated video can be used in so many ways to help grab the attention of your audience, to educate them and to convert them into paying cusotmers.


Explain what you offer in a fun way on your website and 'nudge' your prospect to get in touch

Social Media

Stand out with fun and informative videos on social media and YouTube. Drive prospects to your website.


Make online advertising more effective with video ads that stand out and win you business

Darren is quite simply one of the smartest and nicest people I have ever worked with. His depth of knowledge, thought-through processes and results have been an immense help to my business. He's awesome, I totally recommend him."

- Steve Brooks

FREE guide to using video in your marketing

An easy to download guide to using video in your online marketing.

FREE 200 inspirational quotes

Enhance your social media and boost engagement with 200 days of daily inspiration!

FREE Social media content calendar

Stuck for inspiration? This calendar provides you with ideason what to post every day.

FREE Marketing tools and templates

Use proven templates with mentoring by Darren Hignett to help you plan for success!

Note: Free bonus extras are only available with the Ultimate Success Package

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Animated Videos only

Receive 3 branded films* that you can use in your sales and marketing activities. Each video is created uniquely for your business.

  • 3 animated videos of up to 30 seconds
  • For use on social media and your website
  • 3 months FREE business coaching
  • Marketing plans and templates

£295 £400

I only want the videos

* Add-ons are also available such as bespoke design and voice over.

Ultimate Success Package

3 animated videos*, 3 months FREE coaching support, access to additional tools and templates, tons of freebies and more!

  • 3 animated videos of up to 30 seconds
  • FREE coaching for 3 months**
  • Business plans and templates
  • A FREE guide to using video in your marketing
  • FREE 200 visual quotes you can use in your social media
  • FREE social media content calendar planner

£295 £1,335

** Coaching sessions must be taken within 12 months of placing order.

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If you want to grow your business and deliver a powerful message, you need someone you can trust.  Ben has the knack of producing supremely high-quality videos which deliver a powerful message.  He understands my business as much as I do and he is able to bring his creative qualities to the productions.

- John Nicholson, Community Driving School


Meet the experts

Ben Bowles

Ben is a content creator that has worked with worldwide brands as well as local businesses . With nearly 10 years experience, his speciality is creating visual content that inspires, entertains and engages with the audience.

Darren Hignett

Darren is a coach and mentor and has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing helping businesses to achieve more sales. He is also the author of various marketing books and audiobooks that are sold worldwide.

3 months FREE coaching AND tons of lovely extras!

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Got further questions before ordering? Email us at Darren@darrenhignett.com