How to Set Goals That Get Results

by Darren Hignett


"The most concise, effective guide to setting results-focused goals.

This useful guide provides everything you need to get started with setting goals and achieving results. It covers what the most effective goals are, how to set them, and 3 secrets for making sure that you achieve them.

Whether you're wanting to set personal or business goals (or both), this book on setting goals is the perfect guide for achieving results and getting what you want out of life.

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What is a goal?

Let’s start at the very beginning. In this chapter, we’ll discuss what a goal is and explain why it should be linked to results. This chapter will get you started thinking about what can accomplish with the right goals.



Why are goals important?

Why bother creating goals? How will you benefit from them? This chapter explains how setting goals leads to a greater chance of success, whether it's in your personal or business life.


Different types of goals

In this chapter, we discuss the different types of goals and what type of goals you should consider setting to be more effective.


How to set effective goals

There's a right and a wrong way to go about creating goals. In this chapter, we talk about setting effective goals that get results. The chapter includes some valuable top tips for creating the ultimate effective goals.


How to 100% achieve your goals

Once you have set goals, the fun starts! Creating goals is only the beginning and nothing will happen until the right actions and planning is put together and you start to do things... to make things happen! This chapter gives valuable insights into how to go about achieving your goals.


3 Secrets to success

Chapter 5 provides the foundations for achieving your goals, but this chapter shares 3 proven ways to ensure you are successful. Find out about my proven formula, including the 'stranger in the street' test!

You Might Be Wondering...

Who even made this guide?

This guide is brought to you by me, Darren. I have worked with business owners across the UK to help them achieve their goals and have supported over a hundred businesses with implementing activities in areas such as business growth.

Do I have to read this whole thing?

Of course not! But it's really not that big a book. As an author of 6 different books on Amazon, my style is to get to the point and add as much value without waffling. I recommend reading it in full.

Can I download this guide and read it later?

I'm glad you asked! You sure can. Just click this link right here, and enter your email address. As soon as you've done that, I’ll email you the guide so you can download it, print it, share it with coworkers, and read it at your leisure.

Can I start setting goals now right now?

By all means! In fact, I’d love that. And you don't need to wait until the start of the year to start. You might want to grab a copy of the book to help you. You can have it on the screen or printed out and refer to it while you work through your goal settings

Ready to Get Started?

Setting goals is the starting point for creating the success you want. If, after downloading How to set goals that get results, you need further help with setting your goals then I would be happy to have a chat with you to provide you with further tips and inspiration.